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Daniel Orfin & Associates Explains How To Start Budgeting

As any financial expert would tell you, budgeting is the best way to take control of your money. Instead of meandering through the month like a ship lost at sea, with a solid budget, you know exactly where every penny is going and have a backup plan for any emergencies.


Daniel Orfin & Associates on the Pros And Cons of Early Retirement

Ask anyone who’s spent a moderate number of years toiling behind a desk in an obscure corner of a large corporation about what they’d do if they won the lottery, and the first answer invariably is the same. 

Daniel Orfin & Associates Top 4 Tips for Millennials Wanting to Plan for Retirement

Millennials are a generation that seems to be getting it hard everywhere they look. Despite being tech-savvy and hardworking, they’re earning about 20 percent less than the previous generation. Recent research by the British…


We can all agree that we live in a culture that promotes spending over saving money. With instant gratification becoming a way of life and credit cards making it easier to spend money we don’t even own, it’s no wonder that putting aside cash for a rainy day is getting more difficult. 


As an investor in the market, you are vulnerable to falling into one of two documented traps: withdrawing your funds after a marginal victory, or, when an unfortunate setback occurs, you cut your losses and sell off your shares. Each choice is ill-advised because the stock market revolves…

You know what they say about life only starts after sixty. But that was back when people retired at the age of 60. So, whatever your age, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is you’re retired, and you have years ahead of you to make a fulfilling experience.


Is there life after retirement? As obvious as the affirmative answer is, many people seem to treat life immediately after they quit work as an endless stretch of time where days devolve into nights with no plans or goals in sight. Again, life after retirement is a rich tapestry of milestones, fulfilled dreams, and a long bucket list of items that you can finally complete. 


With retirement comes a sense of achievement. And while that isn’t a bad thing, it usually leads the retirees to lose their focus and goals in life. Contrary to how many people feel about retirement, this important milestone doesn’t have to be the end of an active and fulfilling life. Retirement isn’t all about leisure and lack of direction in life.

When faced with the prospect of potentially running out of money after retirement, many people decide to save as much as they can now and hope it will be enough for the future. As appealing as this idea may appear, this form of retirement funding…

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